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Animal Farm - George Orwell What's this? A zoophilic fairy tale?
And historic too? And wait, from Orwell?
From head of revolution to war's tail!
Three stars? Seems it didn't score well!
Perhaps 'cause it's so black-and-white
About what is wrong, and what's right.

Could he have been e'en more one-sided
To make his villains porcine gluttons!
And the apostles silly sheep, misguided,
Worked by beloved tyrants into muttons!
The dogs of war stand for the K.G.B.
Mere myrmidons of pig philosophy!

Work by the strong, indulge the elite,
Til the work's old and weak, sold to glue,
And the weakest are trampled b'neath feet.
"If it happens in farms, it can happen to you!"
Like 1984, it's a bit self-gratifying,
E'en if it's a bit logic-defying.

That said it's a fun bit of History
For some kids who aren't for text-book reading.
The allegory at work solves the mystery
Of the Bolshevik war, decades preceding.
Just make sure you have a key or guide,
And don't assume Stalin's skin was pig's hide!