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The Sound and the Fury - William Faulkner What was William Faulkner thinking,
When he began to pen this mental tink'ring?
Thoughts! That's what and how he wrote.
(But I wish he had left us all some notes)

Benjy's thoughts or rambling are awry
Confused fragments, flash-
backs, reasonless, thrash-
ing memories in italics past;
now italics present, last-
ing a moment, now gone.
At least this messy fourth is done.

Quentin fills in the many blanks
Which Benjy leaves upon the banks
Of th' Lethe, for madness has addled
Q's youngest brothers head is rattled.

A Harvard man Q has become,
A mortgaged future on his home;
But his Southern past is haunted
Where now noblesse oblige is wanted.

The time ticks way, a broken watch,
And gentlemanly services he botch'd,
And now he's looking on the river,
And to its depths himself deliver.

The first of Compson siblings dead,
And all for contradictions in his head.
Now Quentin's gone, but just the mister,
Not MISS Quentin, (daughter of his sister).

Speaking of his sister, Candace C.
Whose dirty panties made her racy.
Out of marriage she had a baby,
Now ne'er can she be a Compson Lady.

It's quite surprising in this book,
That Caddy, who is quite forsook
Never tells her side of the story,
But from others, 'bout her fall from glory.

Her fall, her fam'ly shares her fate!
Now decrepit, but once great.
And fallen in a felled plantation,
Many a Southerner has lost his station.

And Jason Compson, worst for last,
He has escaped th' mires of th' past,
He steals and cheats, beats and lies
His evil he can scarce disguise.

Dilsey's all that's left of light,
The only chance to set things right.
She keeps the house and family in order
E'en though she's but a house-and-boarder.