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The House of Mirth - Edith Wharton, Jeffrey Meyers Have any of you made mistakes
Which had high moral stakes
And brought you all asunder,
For a small initial blunder?
That is the fate of Lily Bart,
Damned and fated from the start.

In a world of glitz and glamour,
Her purse need find l'amour,
To feed her need for fancy dress,
Of muslin, none but finest press,
And for her ante at bezique,
But her black'ning luck was bleak.

For always at decisive instant
She became a dame inconstant,
And flew from her gilt ideal
For inside it wasn't real.
She never could in truth commit
For she didn't really want it.

So smashed, her chances on the cliffs,
Leaving sympathizers with "what-ifs"
And then upon reading twice,
Wishing she'd commit the vice
Which would avert her tragic end:
And her imperfect life: extend.